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Noble Gaming Network Launched


Date Posted: 07-30-2018 11:53:16am

Hello everyone!

We would like to let you know that Noble Gaming Network is finally launched!
We hope that you will enjoy playing in our servers and winning our monthly contest prizes!
In our website you can check the list of servers that we manage and top players list per each server mod that we have (for now we have only 1 running server in public mod).
Also you can use our forum to hear about our network latest news,open discussions with other players of our network and for support if you are having any trouble.
Our VIP is not for sell for now we give it away for free as we are a new network and if you want to get free vip you can play with the quiz games that we do at out forum Games board.
And the best of all our monthly contest!

The contest rewards are the ones below :

Rank 1 - 5.00 Euro STEAM Gift Card
Rank 2-5 - 2 Months VIP
Rank 5-10 - 1 Month VIP

Thats all we got to say to you for now stay tuned for more :)

Best regards,
Noble Gaming Network Team

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